MOCA – Museum of Contemporary Art in LA

Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Financial District of Los Angeles, is an airy space showcasing masters in Pop Art & abstract expressionism as well as emerging artists. The MOCA downtown Los Angeles location is home to almost 5,000 artworks created since 1940, including masterpieces by classic contemporary artists, and inspiring new works by emerging and mid-career artists from Southern California and around the world. The MOCA is the only museum in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to contemporary art.


One Weekend in Los Angeles

See what it’s like to visit Los Angeles in late September. The sun is shining, people are playing beach volleyball, surfers are having a blast. >/p>

Most likely talking Alex into moving to LA asap!

Jeff’s surprise visit from NYC is always a treat!

A dessert platter fit for a bachelorette! Friday night dinner and a girls night out. First stop for dinner at Katsuya. Delicious sushi, and a must try cocktail by the name Burning Man.



A Helicopter Ride Above Los Angeles

The best and most adventurous way to see Los Angeles is from a helicopter. To fly over the entire city within an hour feels pretty surreal. I was visiting LA for a weekend, and really wanted to see the Hollywood sign, but did not want to be stuck in traffic the entire day!

Luckily, Esteban, or better known on Instagram as @copterpilot was available for a ride. He happens to be a coveted Hollywood movie pilot, and quite a pro aerial photographer himself! He knows all the right spots and angles to get those beautiful aerial scenes you see in movies. This was my second helicopter ride. The sunset ride was warm and super smooth. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is visiting LA.

Burning Man 2016: Da Vinci’s Workshop

2016 marked 30th anniversary of Burning Man, a week-long gathering of like-minded souls, seeking creativity, connection, music and art. An entire city arises amidst the barren desert of the Nevada planes. Around 70,000 people traveled from all over the world to participate in this special gathering. Art theme was Da Vinci’s workshop, an ode to the incredible Leonardo Da Vinci. The dust storms were happening almost every day in the afternoon. The nights were warm and super clear!

Sunset roof top celebrations with the entire camp was definitely one of the highlights.

Wedding Wednesday, when all happy couples, come out to the Playa to exchange their vows and celebrate love. Our friends Mike and Heidi have oficial become Mr. & Mrs. Lopyrev!